Fine Tattooing by Noodles
French Polynesia MermaidSeaLinerNesting EagleGoat eyeCobra KaiAngel of DeathLionIndian princess "Collins Style"Barn SwallowKorean TigerPantherSacred Heart Anchor  Dragon Head (Fuku Riu)Female Gypsy
Handcrafted tattoos
The Tattoos depicted on this website were ideas selected by the bearer, and reintroduced by my hand. These images have relevance to many people in many ways but in particular, a meaning to the sole bearer.
Due to the nature of my studies and profession, Included is a description of the image and a short insightful meaning. This meaning is not limited by any means but is merely an insight to the why the wearer has chosen it. Hopefully, you will learn a little more about my craft through this experience.